Joseph Benevento

Professional Overview




Joseph Benevento has had an ambitious spirit and aptitude for leadership from a young age. He began playing soccer at an age later than most, in middle school. Although he did not possess a natural gift for the sport like many of his teammates, he was selected as Team Captain his senior year of high school because of his demonstrated leadership. Coming from a childhood in a military household—his father was a career Air Force fighter pilot—he was naturally drawn to the idea of joining the Services. Ultimately, he decided he wanted to become a Navy SEAL and set out to achieve something that eludes most.

To prepare himself for the rigors of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training, and to excel in a future career outside of the Navy, Joseph “Joey” Benevento knew he needed to have a strong education. He graduated from the University of Florida and earned his commission in the Navy through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) program. Having always had an interest in history, and through the influence of two close friends, he chose to focus on History as his major. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in May 2006.

Joseph Benevento attended and graduated BUD/S, spent 12 years in the Navy and held several leadership positions, including Assistant and Platoon Commander at SEAL Team FIVE, Future Operations Officer at Naval Special Warfare Unit THREE, and Action Officer for Naval Special Warfare Command. He is proud to have served his country through five deployments with an organization that encouraged personal and leadership development.

Benevento has a love for people and a knack for making strong connections and cultivating relationships—a skill that was very important as a Naval officer. When a friend presented him an opportunity to possibly enter the sales world, he was hesitant but intrigued and decided to dive in and learn all he could about the industry.

Many would be intimidated to jump into a new career. Joey, however, embraced the challenge. He understands inherently that his people skills easily translate to the sales environment; universally, people want to be heard. With his background in leadership and agile decision-making skills, Joey has been able to gain the trust of partners and potential clients. What were tactical skills for survival in his career to date are now strategic tools for success in a new career field.

Benevento has also always been driven to positively impact people and knows the cutting-edge medical breakthroughs he can share through sales will improve client lives. After seeing a surgeon successfully perform computer-assisted, minimally invasive surgery with a medical robot, he knew he had found his future career in Medical Device Sales. It is his goal to make strong connections within the industry so that he can continue to witness the expansion of progress in medicine and see these technologies made available for more hospitals and medical facilities.

Outside of work, Joey likes to read, exercise and travel. To him, diet and exercise are core components of contentment. Joseph Benevento currently resides in San Diego, California.

Joseph Benevento At A Glance

University of Florida
Bachelor of Arts, History

Joseph Benevento wanted to have a strong education heading into the Navy, and followed one of his interests to find his major. He decided to study History, not only because he enjoys learning about it, but because it provides great insight into future decisions. This was a skill he knew he would need in the Navy.

Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL
BUD/S Training

In order to join the Navy as a SEAL member, Joseph had to undergo intense training through the BUD/S training course. He completed this training after graduating from the University of Florida through the NROTC Program.

Platoon Commander

Joseph Benevento spent 12 years in the Navy. Throughout his tenure, he served in many leadership roles, most notably within SEAL Team FIVE. He first started out as an Assistant Platoon Commander before ultimately having the honor of leading the group as Platoon Commander.